Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I Do to Make it So

Alot of people love watercolours, and I am certainly guilty of that part. But not only do I love them, I love painting them and sending them to people. But the way I do my work sometimes arouses curiosity with some people. Below are two pictures that show all the stuff I use for paintings. The only things missing are the things that make the lines. Rapidograph Koh-I-noor pens and Sharpie fine point pens.

In this photograph: Paper towels, Princeton Art & Brush Company Sablette brush 16 round 4050R, Princeton Art & Brush Company Sablette brush 12 round 4050R, Water jar(and old caviar jar), Van Gogh 12 color half pan watercolour set, Van Gogh 18 color half pan watercolour set, Travel Brush, Van Gogh no6 round

Edward Hopper's: Ground Swell (postcard version)

Edward Hopper's The Ground Swell

Kroeber Fountain

View from 7th Floor Spens-Black hall

Haas School of Business

Hearst Mining Memorial Circle

Sather Gate

Rachel M's Apartment

Canadian Costal Seascape


Cabin In the Snowy Woods

The Polar Bear Cage

The Carribbean

Indeterminably Unfinished: Indian Street Scene

Catching the Evening Express